Poised between tradition and innovation, the WLS all-weather jackets combine classic style with remarkably finished tailoring. The finest grade wool is sourced from Australia and processed at a century old mill in Northern Italy before being delivered here to be luxuriously cut to perfection.

The sheer finesse of the wool makes the jackets light, comfortable and wearable all year round. With a timeless elegance that is appreciated the world over. They are light on the body and heavy on the details.

When adorning a WLS All Weather Jacket, know that you’re wearing a garment with an unbelievably super fine count fiber for lightness & sheen, the promise of a comfortable fit that is elegant yet classic, pure high quality wool that is engineered for airiness in summer and warmth in colder climes.

Small innovations make all the difference in seemingly similar products, like our hand-rolled lapels, for instance, which give our jackets that distinct sharpness.