Earth Elements Collection

In Love with Sanganer


WLS explores the art of Sanganer, inspired with the moods, shades and stories of the most fundamental of elements, 'Earth'.

Situated off the southern periphery of Jaipur, Rajasthan is a village where a 500-year-old textile printing technique is still passed on from generation to generation. This is Sanganeri, home of the famous Sanganeri hand-block printing technique. With delicate patterns, and lines with vibrant colored designs, Sanganeri art is easy to recognize.

Royal patronage and heritage inspired the great cultivation in this form of craft, which has been around for years, and is almost as old as the country itself. Rich traders and royal families have propagated this art and its influence has spread far and wide into the fundamental nature of Indian tradition and culture.

This collection celebrates this traditional craft of block printing. The craft is reinterpreted in an innovative way to make it modern and globally relevant. Taking inspiration from the grandeur of Rajasthani Forts and their interior walls that are lavish with intricate murals and frescoes. The motifs are printed in placements and in softer colors to suit the contemporary office environment.

The men’s garments are made of linen-cotton blend or 100% Supima Cotton.

The women’s garments are made in cotton blends (100% Supima Cotton, Cotton Silk & Cotton Satin). The earthiness of the collection is also reflected in the choice of Fabric-of-India, with Sanganer and Rajasthan evoking earthy imagery.