India is a land of crafts, woven into the threads of the history of this vast land are many stories of various techniques; each speaking of a skill indigenous to a geography, and the people that call that land their own.

From the north where Kashmir echoes in the Patku Weaves to the West where Sanganeri prints bring alive the fabric in bright shades to the East where fabrics slowly dyed in traditional Ikkat fashion speak of simpler times. WLS brings these techniques, skills, fabrics, prints and the millions of stories that come with them to your wardrobe.


The Fire Collection captures the various expressions of the most celebratory of elements, infusing each stitch with a fiery persona.

The Collection comes to life on fabrics like Chanderi, linen & silk blends with the delicate yet detailed Kantha stitch. The garments showcase the element that embodies enthusiasm, warm feelings, movement and spiritual radiance of the fire.


The Elements Collection, with a visit to the fluidity of water, comes alive with the Ikkat collection. A tribute to the fluidity and strength of water, the Collection brings alive Ikkat in all its glory. Interknit with a tradition, each garment is crafted out of fabrics made with threads that are hand-dyed by skilled craftsmen in Telangana.

It consists of attires displayed in shades of blue to resemble the many moods of flowing water. The blues are accompanied by mood prints that are a testament to the rich art of Ikkat and its Indian roots.


Sanganer, a village where a 500-year-old textile printing technique is still passed on from generation to generation. It is the home of the famous Sanganeri hand-block printing technique. With delicate patterns and lines with vibrant colored designs, Sanganeri art is easy to recognize.

The #InLoveWithSanganer collection celebrates this traditional craft of block printing. Inspired from the grandeur of Rajasthani Forts and their interior walls that are lavish with intricate murals and frescoes, the motifs are printed in placements and in softer colors to suit the contemporary office environment.