Fire Elements Collection

Born from Fire


WLS brings to life a new chapter in the Elements Collection with its Fire Collection, inspired by Kantha embroidery and detailed artwork. The WLS Garments through the fire element embody that enthusiasm, warm feelings, movement and spiritual radiance of the fire.

Kantha, a popular style of embroidery comes from West Bengal. This type of stitch is basically the ‘running’ stitch, and is very simple. The work of Kantha is rather a simple work of stitching but needs great amount of determination and focus. The thought behind this needlework was to reuse old clothes and materials and turn them into something new which makes Kantha embroidery, only one of its kind.

The interpretation of fire, for men comes alive with kantha work on cent percent linen garments tailored in shirts, Nehru jackets and kurta. The fabric has a hand-stitched Kantha embroidery art come to life to represent the beauty of the flame.

The women’s collection is inspired by the inherent quality of Fire. Like a flame represents purity, even within the design essence one can notice the subtle minimalism. The fire also represents itself as a form of energy that represents enthusiasm and passion of ideas and warmth. The designs are brought to life on Chanderi Fabric, (Chanderi is a cotton & silk blend).