The Elements Collection spans across Water, Earth, Fire, Air, and Space. An ode to elements that are all around us. They make us, and the universe around us. Elements that are the embodiment of purity, life-giving force and are fundamental building blocks of everything.

Initiated in the Summer of ’17, with a range inspired by Water, and following that with stories woven with Earth, Fire, and Space, WLS Elements Collection is a tribute to the purity and life giving essence of elements.


The element that was commonly associated with the qualities of energy, assertiveness, and passion. WLS brings to life a new chapter in the Elements Collection with its Fire Collection, inspired by Kantha embroidery and detailed artwork.

The WLS garments through the fire element embody that enthusiasm, warm feelings, movement and spiritual radiance of the fire. The garments embrace the hand-stitched Kantha embroidery to represent the beauty of the flames and the inherent quality of fire. The designs are brought to life on Chanderi Fabric, (Chanderi is a cotton & silk blend).



The element that is commonly associated with the qualities of feelings, emotions, imagination and intuition. The Elements Collection for WLS took inspiration from the fluidity of water and came to life with the Ikkat Collection.

The blues on garments embodying the colour of this element, accompanied by mood prints that are a testament to the rich art of Ikkat and its Indian roots was depicted. Get ready to ride the waves, feel the energy that the waves take over, the stroke of the water created during a swim and more, with this collection.



The element that is commonly associated with qualities of heaviness, matter and the terrestrial world. WLS explores the art of Sanganer, inspired with the moods, shades and stories of the most fundamental of elements, ‘Earth’.

The collection interprets Earth in terms of shades and motifs while strongly leaning towards the elements of fabrics of India with Sanganer as the cornerstone.



The element that is commonly observed as the material that fills the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere. The Space Collection brings alive the beauty and harmony of this most universal of elements. Finding balance in all that surrounds us.

Inspired by the clear night skies, the ombre of the shining stars & the dark sky, the Collection comes to life on linen and cotton fabrics for men & women.



The element that connects all other elements, even though it might seem less relevant, invisible as it is. It is the element that can be found in all others, keeps the fire going just like the Sun burns hydrogen.

The element of Air gives us room to breathe, widens our lungs, and with them, opens our Soul to personal freedom.